Record & Mix Engineer

Who I've Worked With

The Dropkick Murphys, Yo-Yo Ma, Lyle Brewer, Adam Levy vs Rich Hinman, Acoustic Nomads, Carolyn Kendrick, You're Wrong About Podcast, Auri Productions, Jacob's Ladder, Zamir Chorale, Melissa Manchester, Duo Coquelicot, The Mountain Grass Unit, Stephanie Borgani & Isabel Crespo Pardo, Old Tom & The Lookouts, Pritesh Walia, On The Trail, Simon Dunson, Korey Brodsky (Mile Twelve), Scottish Fish, Saltare, G Rockwell, The New Grownups

A Particular Set of Skills

I particularly love capturing unfettered and heartfelt performances of acoustic ensembles. I have specialized experience in harnessing the magic and overcoming the challenges of recording live in the same space.